Cubs win again, no offense needed from Blanco

While the skeptics amongst us will argue that Hank White is likely to be the last position player on any team’s opening day lineup to get a hit this year, we at the Fan Club want to remind you that under Hank’s watch, the Cubs are 3-0 and have allowed only five runs in those games.  Under Michael Barrett, the Cubs are 3-6. 

Hank’s influence was most obvious on Carlos Zambrano, who threw seven a third innings of one hit baseball in his last start with Blanco.  Zambrano threw mostly fastballs, didn’t get into high pitch innings and cruised.  With Barrett, Zambrano threw an absurd amount of breaking balls, fell behind constantly and gave up two homers to Dave F@#$ing Ross, the only player in baseball worse than Gabor Bako.

Besides, Barrett’s only hitting .143.  While we don’t advocate that Hank White get more starts, maybe Barrett should get less.  Like none.  How about trading his candy ass to Houston and let him and Roy Oswalt hug it out?


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