Hank soothes Prior

The Cubs may have lost the game 3-2 when LaTroy Hawkins pulled a Globetrotters’ move and bounced the ball off an opponent’s helmet and into the stands (I thought he was supposed to use confetti?), but it could have been worse.  If not for Hank White.

With Mark Prior struggling in the second inning (Prior had given up a leadoff homer, then a double, single and walk to load the bases with no out), Hank made a visit to the mound, where he decided to take the pressure off of the Cubs’ ace.

“I ask him which of the Golden Girls he thinks is funniest,” White said in an exclusive interview with Desipio’s Karry Ling.  “He says he like Blanche, but I tell him that Sofia, she the funny one.  I remember one time the Girls were getting a new toilet and the plumber left it in the living room in front of the TV while he was in the bathroom unhooking the old one.  Sofia, she come home and see the toilet in front of the TV and she get all excited.  Then she drop her pants and take a poop in the toilet, but it no hooked to anything.  Now that is funny.”

Prior would strike out the side to escape the inning without giving up any more runs, then retire 24 of the last 27 Phillies he faced, including the final 14.


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