Fan club gets needed attention, Hank responds with win

Thanks to a gratuitous plug from Cubs’ announcers Len Kasper and Bob Brenly, the Hank White Fan Club and it’s thousands of members got a little love in the Cubs 7-3 win over the hapless Reds in Cincinnati.Kasper mentioned how excited the Fan Club members were about Hank’s huge game in the first game back from the All-Star Break when he doubled twice, drove in two runs and single-handedly destroyed Pissburgh.  Brenly went on to bemoan the plight of the Fan Club members who need to change the jersey numbers on their shirts from 9 to 24.

Blanco reached base twice in the game and coaxed Mark Prior through six and two thirds for his seventh win of the year.  The Cubs have won eight of their last nine games.

The Fan Club also announced that they have taken out a third mortgage on their 1984 VW Vanagan to pay for the official URL.  There’s no stopping the Fan Club now.


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