Anxious Blanco awaits MVP voting results

Not much can render Hank White sleepless, but he admits he’s anxious about the 2005 NL MVP voting.

“I hope Derrek [Lee] wins it, I just worry that my strong second half will steal some votes from him.  Nobody wants to see that f@#$ing Pujols win it.”

Blanco’s fears about splitting the vote with Lee are not unfounded.  Blanco out-hit the 2005 NL Batting Champion .318 to .287 in the second half.

Both Lee and Blanco are heavy favorites to win Gold Gloves in the NL.

“Derrek deserves the Gold Glove.  I think he saved Aramis at least 50 errors.  I don’t know if I want the Gold Glove though.  How are you supposed to catch anything with it?  It weighs like nine pounds and I’ve seen one of Pudge’s [Ivan Rodriguez], you can’t even close it.  I’d feel like AJ Pierzynski back there.”

Blanco’s offseason plans include plenty of rest.

“My wife and the kids, we are going to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet.  I thought about going back to Caracas, but I don’t think I have enough time this offseason to get kidnapped and get ransomed out in time to get in shape for the spring.  So I’ll probably just hang out in my place in Skokie.”


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