A new year of Hank’s heroics begins today

It’s no coincidence that in the first year of it’s existence, the Hank White Fan Club carried our hero to his best offensive season.  The fan club didn’t even pick up speed until near midseason, and once it did, Henry Blanco was unstoppable.  After the break, Hank led the Cubs with a .318 average and dominated NL pitching with four homers and 19 driven in.  Only a late, and pathetic, ballot stuffing campaign by insecure Cardinals’ supporters (are there any other kind?) robbed Hank of the NL MVP award.

He’s sure to take care of business this year.  Though the season starts with one of Hank’s personal pitchers (Hank only starts in games pitched by guys he hand-selects–usually Carlos Zambrano and Mark Prior) on the DL, you can rest assured that it will not take long for Hank to join the fray.

Hank has graciously given up his hard earned opening day start to Michael Barrett.  Barrett’s not the most mentally tough guy, and Hank’s gesture probably saved Barrett from a month’s worth of bed wetting.

It’s that kind of thing that separates Hank from the run-of-the-mill big league player.

With Hank on their side, how can the 2006 Cubs lose?


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