Blanco smacks sense into Rusch

Thanks to intrepid reader and Hank White Fan Club member Anne Mongiu for sending in this link: Cubs run off with series win at PNC Dusty gives all of the credit for the Cubs’ 7-3 win in the series finale to the one man who really deserves it. What was holding Rusch back was not being aggressive enough. Catcher Henry Blanco changed that. “Henry did what he’s supposed to do, which is hopefully get [Rusch] back on track and fix him,” Baker said. Blanco deferred all the credit to Rusch, who was 1-7 in his career against the Pirates before Sunday. “He was being aggressive, mixing his pitches,” Blanco said. “He spotted the ball and came in on guys and didn’t let them see one pitch. The most important thing was that he was ahead of every hitter.” “If anything, I was a little more aggressive in different counts,” Rusch said. “It was an all-around good game. I was happy with it.” Add Rusch to the list of Cubs’ pitchers who pitch better with Hank behind the plate than Michael Barrett. That list includes…every Cubs’ pitcher.


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