Hank still waiting for check from MLB 2K7

The video game wars have never raged like they are right now, with Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo going toe to toe not only for the hottest game titles, but for console sales as well.2K Sports landed a coup when they won a bid for exclusive rights to Major League Baseball’s player and team licenses.  They pulled an even bigger one when they got baseball’s hottest star to sign on as the cover boy for the game.

2K Sports’ spokesman Frank Kush said that getting Henry Blanco’s endorsement means millions for the company.  “Most hard core gamers identify quite a bit with Hank White.  They’re sedentary, somewhat overweight, need a haircut and when they fall asleep on a chair in the clubhouse [clubhouse meaning–their parents’ basement] their fly is likely down, too.  [Probably because they’ve been jacking it to Battlestar Gallactica.]  Hank is one of the most popular athletes for hardcore gamers.  He’s on that list of the best of the best along with Keith Traylor, Robert Traylor and, of course, Jimmy Anderson.”

Blanco was unaware his photo was on the MLB 2K7 cover and said that he would probably place a phone call to his attorney to see what the deal was.  But first he had to catch the Cubs-Brewers game on Tuesday and then take several naps. 


2 responses to “Hank still waiting for check from MLB 2K7

  1. He a tratoir 4 leaving the Cubs!!

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