Cubs announce plan for Hank White statue

Wow, it seems so lifelike.The Chicago Cubs have announced long-awaited plans to honor a true baseball great.

Currently, the only statue outside of Wrigley Field is that of drunken, but beloved announcer Harry Caray.  Now, the franchise has plans to give Harry some company.

Fans coming to Wrigley Field to enjoy some sun, some beer and the thrill of the chase of fourth place long into the summer will have yet another worthy diversion before they even get through the turnstile.

President John McDonough (of the Cubs, not the United States) announced in a statement Tuesday that the Cubs will erect a statue of their greatest player in team history.

“This is richly deserved for Ernie Banks Henry Blanco and it’s a great way to honor ‘Mr. Cub,'” Cubs team president John McDonough said in a statement. “The statue will help immortalize someone who continues to have a tremendous impact on the Cubs and its fans, just as he did while he was does on the playing field.”

The Fan Club knows that we played an important role in getting this much anticipated project off the ground.  Over the past two and a half years, we have collected nearly tens of dollars from people hoping that some day they could see their hero, Hank White immortalized in bronze.

Well, except for the one guy who wanted him frozen in carbonite.  But that guy rarely leaves his basement anymore.

Yes, it’s Ed Hartig.

Congratulations, Hank!  Can’t wait to see your big erection!  Of the statue. 


One response to “Cubs announce plan for Hank White statue

  1. I left my basement once. But then I became terrified when I spotted this large, orange ball in the sky, so I retreated.

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