Hank ready for rehab

Try the clubhouse, Lindsay, it's more comfy.After a couple of setbacks, the Cubs have announced that Hank White is now ready for a stint in rehab to get ready to rejoin the team as early as late next week.

Hank is excited about the chance to get back in the lineup, and even more excited about his first trip to rehab.

“My agent is trying to set it up so that I can room with Lindsay Lohan.  I like all of her movies.  Mean Girls was awesome, Freaky Friday is a favorite and the one where she gets high, and drunk and crashes her car into a stop sign was really good.  Actually I never saw that movie, just the footage from it that they showed on ‘Inside Edition.'”

Hank has been out since May with a bulging cervical disk, an injury that initially confused Hank and his wife.

“Any time you hurt your cervix you go to the OB/GYN, we know that.  They refused to even see me, which I was upset about.  But I went to a regular doctor and he said I needed to do some sit-ups, some plyometrics and eat lots of ice cream.  Sure enough, now I’m better.”


One response to “Hank ready for rehab

  1. you guys need to update your website more often. blanco was just activated from the DL.

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