Hank puts the squeeze on the Giants


In his first action since his triumphant return from the 60-day disabled list, Hank found himself in a big spot.  The Cubs had just scored a run in the 10th to take a 3-2 lead on the Giants and the Cubs had runners on first and third with only one out.

Pitcher Rusty Lisch (or whatever his name was) pitched carefully to the Hankster, falling behind 3-1.  On the 3-1 pitch, the runner at third Mike Fontenot broke for home as Jock Jones skipped down towards second.  Hank pulled off a perfect suicide squeeze giving the Cubs their fourth and final run of the night.

The Cubs celebrated by banging Hank on the head (not a good thing for a guy who spent three months on the DL with a bad neck) and shirtless hugs for everybody!

Today, the Cubs look down at the rest of the Central Division and laugh.  With Hank back in action, this pennant race is over.

Viva Hank!


One response to “Hank puts the squeeze on the Giants

  1. Blanco layed down an excellent sqeeze. I’m very excited about having him back on the roster because koyie hill can’t hit.

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