Hank leads Cubs to title

Nobody does veteran leadership like our Hank, shown here trying to drown weasely Tribune CEO Dennis FitzSimons.

Hank made a rare appearance late in yesterday’s game in Florida and though the Cubs lost that one, just having the great one in his gear spurred them on to a division winning effort in Cincinnati.

Hank’s not sure if he’s going to make the postseason roster, but he is sure that he’s going to take a butter knife to Geovany Soto’s Achilles tendons tonight when the rookie passes out in the clubhouse.


2 responses to “Hank leads Cubs to title

  1. Blanco should have a good year next year

  2. I like how U get out there and show all those people what U got. I be watching every game the Cubs play. But I do be looking a good looking guy when he takes the mask off, that’s U Blanco. U be looking at that ball and knows when it gonna fall in your right hand.
    I wish if I could recieve a call from U, cause I sure want to tell you something that no one told you. You is handsome as you can be out of all the players. I’m sure about that. My number is 601-831-3082, so give the MS lady a call, please.

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