Hero time!

Taste the happy, Alfonso.  Taste the happy!

Taste the happy, Alfonso. Taste the happy!

They call Tony LaRussa the genius and we all scoff, and today we were reminded why. After E-ramis singled to send the winning run, Derrek Lee, to third base with nobody out in the bottom of the 11th in a 2-2 game, LaRussa walked Kosuke Fukudome to get to…


You don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

You don’t spit into the wind.

You don’t pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger.

And you don’t mess around with Hank!

Predictably, Hank singled to left, kindly moving his liner over a couple of feet so it wouldn’t brain Cesar Izturis as it sailed into the outfield. Lee scored, the Cubs won, Wrigley Field was the host of complete pandalerium. We could have been killed. Or worse.

The Cubs are now 24 games over .500 on the season, and the Cardinals are now seven games behind.

These Cubs do not tolerate being trifled with, and nobody hates trifles more than Hank.

With that game winner, for which he received some primo camera time on Comcast with Len Kasper and a fill-in Dan Plesac, Hank is now back up over .300 for the season, and that single increased his HWEqBA by an incredible 1.000 points, up to 1.570, the highest it’s been since the Genius walked him in St. Louis in 2005 before Neifi’s game winning grand slam.

When will you learn, Genius?

When will you learn?


15 responses to “Hero time!

  1. Tony is probably going to be fired for the worst managerial moves in the history of the game. Don’t see how you can walk a guy to get to someone with a 1.570 HWEqBA and the game on the line.

  2. I love this site. It needs to be updated more often.

  3. when will my status be updated?

  4. Not sleepy anymore for sure. My tattoo artist did my ink for free on the condition I play 10 – 15 games a year to advertise. Each game winner gets me and a family member matching asstats.

    Can my status be “Legendary”?

  5. that game winner got me a little excited…can my status be “aroused”?

  6. Or spunky

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  8. Saw Hank talking to D.Ward moments before 3 run game winner. Way to listen to the master Mr.Ward.

  9. Michael Barrett

    Hank is the best.

  10. I am the most interesting man in the world

  11. what’s this about koyie hill’s fingers?

    i too like the gravediggaz.

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